Bourdain Sighted at Dolores Park Café, Toronado, Rosamunde [Updated]

A still from Bourdain's 2009 visit to town on 'No Reservations.'
A still from Bourdain's 2009 visit to town on 'No Reservations.'Photo: Travel Channel

A tipster just alerted us that about an hour ago, the great Mr. Anthony Bourdain himself was spotted in the Mission, out on the patio of Dolores Park Café. So, alas, he is here, ahead of schedule, shooting his new Travel Channel show The Layover at undisclosed locations. We know that Zeitgeist is somehow involved on August 12, however Bourdain corrected us and tweeted that he won’t actually be there. If anyone else would care to tip us off as to where he might be shooting this week, we will happily accept such tips. Just don’t stalk the man, please. Let’s show a little class, San Francisco. [Grub Street] Update: A commenter writes in to say he was up in the Lower Haight at Rosamunde and Toronado today too.
Update 2: Here’s where else he’s been.