Bourdain Dodges Paula Deen Drama, Plays With Barbies

He's skirting about the Paula Deen saga.
He's skirting about the Paula Deen saga. Photo: Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images

He’s back from vacay and blogging about “the monstrously overblown controversy” in which he called Paula Deen fat and evil and she called him mean and snooty, and all the major media outlets “dropped a deuce” on his head. Or something like that. On his Travel Channel blog, Bourdain also muses, “I just got back from family vacation, where, for ten days, I violated all my rules and everything I’ve ever preached about how to travel. I stayed put … splashing around in the shallow end of the pool with a Barbie pail, an inflatable porpoise, and a relentlessly energetic 4 year old girl.” Bourdain insists that all the McDeens out there will change their opinion of him after this week’s No Reservations, the last episode of the season, where Bourdain visits New Orleans, bows down to the South (“The South pretty much taught us all to cook!”), films Treme, and keeps it real(ish). [Anthony Bourdain/Travel Channel]

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