How to Pretend You’re Anthony Bourdain

He goes on movie director binges and loves his shit-kickers.
He goes on movie director binges and loves his shit-kickers.Photo: Melissa Hom

Let’s be real: There’s a little part of us all that wants to be Anthony Bourdain. No? A little? Well, either way, it’s probably not going to happen. However, thanks to a piece in the Sunday Times, now we can at least imbue a few of his favorite things into our (only marginally) less-cool lives. The story offers his latest reads (Sarah Blakewell and, obviously, Lucky Peach); music (Danger Mouse and Daniele Luppi’s album Rome); movies (Wong Kar-wai … okay, film geeks explain?); tweeps (José Andrés, René Redzepi. David Chang, Mario Batali, and Eric Ripert); and, most important, his favorite New York restaurant of the moment (Takashi because it’s “heavy on the raw meat and offal”). Let the shameless imitation begin.

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