Beer Belly’s Craft for Crap Adds One-Cent Fee to Please ABC

Sorry guys, the limit is still only one.
Sorry guys, the limit is still only one. Photo: Martin MarkeliTM via Flickr

Beer Belly owner Paul Choi** hits us up with the news that the “Craft for Crap” beer exchange concept he planned for tomorrow night in KTown has been deemed illegal by those big barneys at the CA Alcohol Beverage Control (AKA the ABC). Apparently (and this says so much about what’s wrong with the world these days), you can’t officially give away free beer at events like this. So Choi, ever the math whiz, has decided to add a penny charge to every trade, reminding you just what the contents of that can of Coors is really worth.

** Oops, sorry we goofed! Paul Choi is actually the director of marketing for Beer Belly, while the owner is Jimmy Han.