Beechwood is 100% Still Open and Serving Roy Choi’s New Menu

Choi, accepting his Angeleno Award for best new restaurant
Choi, accepting his Angeleno Award for best new restaurant Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

Yesterday the world learned that Roy Choi and David Reiss had big plans coming up for the Beechwood space. However, something got lost in the process, causing calls to flood into Beechwood wondering if reservations were still good and inquiring if the restaurant was still open. Kogi don-diva Alice Shin cries out to us today “Beechwood’s still alive!” Not only that, but the menu Roy Choi worked so hard on for the restaurant is a reality currently being served at the Venice gastro-pub. What’s on his new menu?

You can see the full menu online, which includes a ton of new Choi dishes like crispy hot Chinese mustard confit chicken wings, pan-fried pork chop schnitzel, tostones, milk-drenched cornmeal calamari, side dishes of red beans and collards, and those “thick-ass burgers” Choi promised. The chef even tightened up existing dishes like the togardashi fries and plays it straight in simple servings of fresh pasta, scallops, and steak frite.

The new West Indian-leaning direction for Beechwood will most likely come towards the late-fall. In the meantime, Beechwood is still kicking with some new tricks up its sleeves. [Earlier]