Barbara Lynch: Bringin’ Sunday Back

Barbara Lynch
Barbara Lynch Photo: Justin Ide

Can’t get enough of Barbara Lynch’s prune-stuffed gnocchi during the week? Can’t afford it ever? You’re in luck! Her swank flagship, No. 9 Park, will soon be open on Sundays — so maybe it’s time to ring up Mom and Dad to gently suggest that you have something important to discuss, preferably over a nice meal.

Lynch will open her doors on September 18 with a nostalgic trip back in time highlighting some of her greatest plates, with an à la carte menu that includes crispy duck, steak tartare, and truffled gnocchi with lobster, plus the restaurant’s regular dinner and chef’s tasting selections. The greatest-hits menu is available for one-night only, but the restaurant will do Sunday dinners throughout the fall. Nice to see a Boston classic actually hanging in there!