Attention, Underage Drinkers: Buy Your Beer in the Bronx

Bottoms up!
Bottoms up! Photo: Konstantin Sergeyev

Authorities may be trying to dry up the city’s supply of kid-friendly drinks, but that doesn’t mean New York’s teens have to go wanting. According to the Daily News, an SLA sting targeting 212 bodegas found that 58 percent of them were willing to sell booze to kids age 18 to 20. In the Bronx, that number shoots up to 79 percent, because apparently that borough isn’t populated by a bunch of killjoys (only 28 percent of places sold to kids in Queens — nerds). The best part: Kids don’t even need to bother with tracking down a fake I.D. One store owner told the News, “Sometimes we forget to card because it’s busy.” So now you know, teenage Grub Street readers: Just sneak your six-pack by the cashier when there’s a line. [NYDN]

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