The Ten Most Insulting Things Anthony Bourdain Has Said About Food Network

Anthony Bourdain: unabashed hater of Food Network. Photo: Alexander Tamargo

As just about everyone in the world knows by now, Anthony Bourdain’s recent spat with Paula Deen and her Food Network brethren is nothing new — the chef has a long history of FN-bashing rhetoric. But it is hardly the worst thing he’s said. (Semi-Homemade star Sandra Lee has long been a target, one so easy for Bourdain he once characterized her as “low-hanging fruit.”) So we wondered: What’s the worst thing the chef has said about Food Network and its chefs? Check out our slideshow to find out who and what else in the FN universe has been the target of Tony’s wrath over the years. (Oh, and as always, everyone should feel free to put their own favorite Bourdain bons mots in the comments below.)

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