Alfama’s New Bread Kiosk Peddles Portuguese Carbs

Pastéis de Nata (Portuguese custard cakes). Photo: Alfama

During the hiatus between the closing of his West Village restaurant in 2009 and the reopening of Alfama in midtown, executive chef Francisco Rosa indulged his interest in bread-baking by taking classes at the FCI and CIA. After his sweet and savory creations were a hit with customers at the new Alfama, he decided to start selling his goods. Yesterday, the restaurant rolled out a bread and pastry kiosk where Portuguese breads are the specialty: There's half-corn, half-wheat broa, and coconut-crusted Pão de Deus, plus baguettes and brioche. The shop is situated in the restaurant's entry and is open from 7 a.m. onward, with coffee to accompany morning pastries. See the carb-loaded lineup below.

Pão de Bico Mini baguette (30 gr) - $0.35
Pão de Bico Small baguette (60 gr) - $0.65
Sunflower & apricot whole wheat roll (30 gr) - $0.45
Broa (300 gr) - $4.00
Thyme and olive boule (350 gr) - $4.25
Pão de Forma (1 kg-loaf, white) - $6.50
Brioche (80 gr) - $2.50
Pão de Deus "heavenly bread with a crust of sweet coconut" (80 gr) - $3.50
Mushroom, arugula & shallot focaccia (100 gr) - $2.50
Pastéis de Nata (Portuguese custard cakes) - $1.50 each, $9 for half a dozen, $18 for a dozen