Actually Pretty Awesome: The Date Night at Sneaky’s BBQ

The Date Night, with Rooster sauce and jalapeno relish on the side.
The Date Night, with Rooster sauce and jalapeno relish on the side. Photo: Brian Smeets/Grub Street

Sneaky’s BBQ has taken up semi-permanent residency at Rebel, and they’ve already impressed us with their wings and especially their beautifully charred, smoky Korobuta pork belly, which made it onto Grub Street’s roundup of the Best Big-City Barbecue in the country. But on a different, slightly more drunken visit, we had the pleasure of feasting on the Date Night — a pile of crispy fries loaded with beans, slaw, brisket, and your choice of barbecue sauce. It’s basically poutine, barbecue-style.

We’re fans of the brisket option with either rooster sauce (a creamy version of their spicy BBQ sauce) or honey mustard, and it’s also served with a green jalapeno relish on the side. It’s a bowl full of heartburn to be sure — and the name seems pretty ironic since wolfing down one of these plates is surely not the key to romance — but it’s oh so good. It’s like the kind of thing you’d make from random leftovers in the fridge, coming home in the wee hours with major munchies, and think to yourself, “This is the best thing I’ve ever tasted.” Except in this case the fries are hot and crispy and the brisket is really, really good.

And even though it’s not that good for you, there’s at least a couple of food groups covered here. And who can say no to the most amazing almost-chili fries we’ve ever had.

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