A Tale of Pizza and Comeuppance

A margherita pie at Paulie Gee's.
A margherita pie at Paulie Gee's. Photo: Julia Gillard/New York Magazine

You might already know that Paul Giannone of Paulie Gee’s was once a dissatisfied IT guy who got his experience at a pizza oven he built in his backyard, but you probably don’t know this piece of the story: Slice got its hands on an e-mail exchange between Giannone and the person in charge of hiring at a local pizzeria that was looking for a manager. Despite Giannone’s appeals to his pizza passion, he was ultimately turned down for only having IT experience. Much later, Paulie Gee e-mailed the same person a thank-you note reading, ” … Without your reluctance I may never have gotten the opportunity to spread my wings,” and then received a gracious congratulations in return. Just goes to show, you never know who you’re dealing with. [Slice]