A Northern Thai Backyard BBQ Pop-Up at Night + Market

Barbecue, Northern Thai-style
Barbecue, Northern Thai-style Photo: Courtesy Night + Market

Chef Kris Yenbamroong wanted to do something with the grills he lugged back from Northern Thailand–the kind generally fueled by coconut shells and responsible for a lot of the food from that region–so he’s throwing a “backyard” barbecue on Sunday. He’s grilling Thai sausages, including sai krok isan (a house-made fermented pork sausage he served at Angeleno’s Live and Dine in L.A. event), and serving dishes like fatty hog collar, spicy nuoc mam chicken wings, sticky rice, and more. $29 gets you a sausage plate, plus three items; wines, courtesy DomaineLA, run around $12 a glass. No reservations necessary. [GS]