A Few More Details Emerge About Scott Youkilis’s 19th Street BBQ Project

Scott Youkilis. His brother plays for the Red Sox, don't ya know.
Scott Youkilis. His brother plays for the Red Sox, don't ya know.

Across the street from Hog & Rocks, business partners Scott Youkilis (Maverick, Hog & Rocks) and Eric Rubin, along with another partner Dave Esler, are planning a barbecue joint and beer hall for early next year. We first heard the news back in April, with the model being Fette Sau in Brooklyn (think bar, counter service, meat sold by weight, communal tables). The place still doesn’t have a name, but the Chron now reports on a few more details about the place, which is slated for early next year.

First off, the team has purchased a 7,000-pound smoker, “the biggest one they could find,” which they’re installing in the basement of the new space at 3416 19th Street. The thing is capable of smoking 1,300 pounds of meat at a time, so clearly they’re going for a high-volume business. Also, there’ll be serving gallon pitchers of beer; some sort of “innovative” approach to bottle service; and there’s a promise of barrel-aged spirits “of all sorts” in the cocktail program — Fette Sau has a bourbon focus, and this place may too, since bourbon and pork go so well together.

And, Youkilis has partnered with a farm in Siskiyou County which is raising a rare crossbreed of Red Wattle and Duroc pigs.

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