Whole Foods Discovers Ramadan

Embracing religious diversity for fun and profit.
Embracing religious diversity for fun and profit.

Ramadan begins Monday, and with it come the 30 days of fasting practiced by observant Muslims. So how is not eating relevant to a grocery chain? Well, fasting is traditionally broken each evening sunset, a practice that’s often accompanied by feasting, and this aspect has put the cha-ching in Whole Foods’ eyes. Fast Company reports that the natural-foods giant has teamed up with Saffron Road brand Halal frozen foods to offer specials and giveaways, marking the first time a national supermarket chain has recognized Ramadan. So huzzah for embracing religious diversity, Whole Foods, or something like that. Wonder if this move will provide any fresh material for the hundreds of people that, as of yesterday, were still flooding Gawker’s in-boxes with e-mails reacting to that resignation-letter controversy.

Whole Foods Celebrates, Monetizes Ramadan [Fast Company]
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