Is Famous Food Bad Enough to Finally Kill Off Restaurant Reality Shows?


So, VH1’s Famous Food debuted last night, and the reviews are not good: Gawker got the ball rolling by calling it a “trainwreck”; the Times says it’s “bumbling from the start”; and Zagat calls it a “new low for ‘foodie TV.’” What we hope is that this reaction to the show, coupled with the lackluster response to America’s Next Great Restaurant, will be enough to convince producers that reality competitions designed to give restaurants to their winners won’t ever actually work.

That said, it’s really worth watching the below compilation of Famous Food’s various competitors talk up their restaurant credentials: Heidi Montag, you see, grew up in a restaurant family; Ashley Dupré, the world’s most famous ex-prostitute, got her start in the hospitality industry as a hostess at the age of “12 or 13”; and Three 6 Mafia is quick to point out that managing a restaurant staff will be easy for guys who “run a rap group that’s full of guys from prison.” One thing’s for sure: No matter who wins, their restaurant is going to be classy.

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