Watch ‘Bar Rescue’ Revamp The Abbey on Sunday

We have noticed a change.
We have noticed a change. Photo: courtesy of Spike TV

The premise of Bar Rescue is pretty simple; the show’s host/nightlife consult, Jon Taffer, visits various struggling and “outmoded bars” around the country, and helps them transform into “vibrant, profitable establishments.” Basically, it is Kitchen Nightmares with way more alcohol. Last week the show set its sights on Philadelphia’s Downey’s Irish Pub & Restaurant, which some have called the “Worst Irish Pub in America.” This week the Spike TV show will tackle Avondale’s The Abbey. The show was actually shot back in April, and the redesigned Abbey has been operating for a few months now. But you’ll finally be able to see how Taffer went about transforming the old space, as the Chicago episode of Bar Rescue is set to air on Sunday, July 31 at 9:00 p.m. CT.