Tipsy Pig Guys to Open Another Blue Barn Gourmet on Upper Polk

The Yabbies spot on Polk between Vallejo and Green.
The Yabbies spot on Polk between Vallejo and Green. Photo: Courtesy of Yabbies

The team behind Tipsy Pig, Mamacita, and Umami — Sam Josi, Stryker Scales, and Nate Valentine — are taking over the Yabbies Coastal Kitchen location at 2237 Polk Street to open a second branch of Blue Barn Gourmet. As Grub Street learns this morning, Yabbies is not long for this world, and the move by Josi and co. may signal that they’ve abandoned their previously announced plans for a burger place called Flips & Floats — perhaps wise given all the burger competition in that area of town, what with Roam Artisan Burgers and now Umami Burger going in soon. The new location of Blue Barn would bring their popular make-your-own-salad and sandwich concept to another, adjacent neighborhood, and may take some of the pressure off the always crowded Marina location. More on this as we hear it. [Grub Street]