Time to Crown The Donuts!

Maybe not the best, but possibly the biggest!
Maybe not the best, but possibly the biggest! Photo: Wallula Junction via Flickr

Maybe baked fonuts actually will turn out to be better the nasty, sugar-saturated fried donuts we already love and respect. Until then, you have this Sunday’s second annual L.A. Donut Summit in Elysian Park. Admission is free, you just have to bring (or make) six to twelve of what you consider L.A.’s best donuts, be them from Randy’s, Primo’s, The Donut Man, or any point in between (except Krispy Kremes, as organizers promise “you will be mocked”). Donuts will be judged in categories like “best filled” and “roundest” donut, while games and antics abound. Who will be crowned L.A.’s Donut King or Queen? Show up at 2:00 P.M. to find out. And yes, there will be coffee. [Blogging L.A.]