With Mama Shelter Heading to Bushwick, Paris-Cocktail-Scene Invasion Is Official

Get ready for vodka?
Get ready for vodka?

PDT famously eschewed vodka for ages (before finally adding one cocktail last year), and Rum House slights vodka even in its Bloody Mary menu, but a new breed of Paris-based mixology haunts coming to NYC could bring the spirit back for good and change the New York cocktail scene in other ways, argues a story in Inside F&B; today. The news broke last month that Paris’s Experimental Cocktail Club would come to New York, and now we learn that Philippe Starck’s Paris hotel-and-bar complex Mama Shelter has set its sights on Bushwick, of all places.

Writer Miguel Calvo (who formerly worked for Ravi DeRossi’s mini-empire of bars) argues that the influx of these nightspots, whose approach to mixology is less reverent than at many cocktail meccas Stateside, could usher in a new era for the NYC mixology scene that’s a little more … fun. In addition to a fearless approach to using vodka, we’ll also probably see more bitter liqueurs such as Cynar being poured, and even possibly D.J.’s, Calvo writes. We’re not exactly sure who wants to go drink vodka and boogy in Bushwick amid colored chandeliers and plexiglass hippos (or whatever ridiculous decor Starck comes up with), but eh, what do we know?