The Martha Stewart of Greece Will Take Over Compass Space

Maria Loi will open Loi in the fall.
Maria Loi will open Loi in the fall. Photo: Facebook

Maria Loi, the self-proclaimed “Greek Martha Stewart,” who has written a number of cookbooks in Greece and had a popular cooking show on that country’s Mega TV, will be taking over the kitchen of Compass at 208 West 70th Street and changing the restaurant’s name to Loi. “The food will be healthy and tasty and I plan to give my clients the recipes so they can make this food at home,” Loi tells us. She says she is planning to reopen the transformed space in September and will put together a menu of simple, straightforward takes on Greek classics: grilled fish, tuna in vinegar and honey, meats slow-cooked for seven hours, and, she adds, “an egg lemon sauce like my great grandmother’s.”