The Last Supermarket Strike Shifted Our Grocery Store Playing Field

Always an option...
Always an option... Photo: Miso Crazy via Flickr

Those who know their Tarot trumps know that death’s banner often signals rebirth. Readying the city for a possible supermarket strike, SCPR takes a look at the many independent grocers flourishing in Northeast L.A. following the demise of big-name chains in the area like Ralph’s, Von’s, and Albertson’s following the last grocery store strike. What’s more the rise of independent grocers could become a national trend. How’s that?

Citing the influx of organics, one-stop shopping, and digital scanning, a NYC-based grocery analyst says, “What happens in Los Angeles and then what happens in the rest of California is typically what happens across America…every decade, California, particularly the Los Angeles area, tends to be the trendsetter.” Could this mean it’s only a matter of time before Super King and El Superior surpass the Big 3? [SCPR via The Eastsider L.A., Earlier]