The Joshua Tree Is Now Barley Hall; Common Ground to Temporarily Close

Barley Hall, under construction.
Barley Hall, under construction. Photo: Barley Hall

There’s a lot of “reconcepting” going on in Allston right now. Joshua Tree (which also has a branch, heh heh, in Davis Square) has become Barley Hall, and Common Ground is closing down and will reopen under new ownership.

Barley Hall will re-debut as a “neighborhood restaurant and bar,” according to their website and Boston Restaurant Talk. This doesn’t sound all that different from Joshua Tree, though the name “Barley Hall” reminds us of the new Meadhall in Kendall Square, which calls to mind visions of vikings and overflowing mugs of beer and hearty meals of turkey legs. Or maybe that’s just us. One enticing special feature: an all-you-can-eat Sunday brunch. They’ll be closed for about four to six weeks; location remains the same: 1314 Commonwealth Avenue.

Meanwhile, a few blocks away, 15-year-old go-to beer spot Common Ground has also shut its doors for a spell. Per BRT, a new owner “could” reopen the spot, which will still be called Common Ground, later on this week.

Good thing they’re doing this while school is out of session!

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Barley Hall to Replace the Joshua Tree
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