The Curious Case of Milk Burger, the Better-Than-It-Should-Be Shake Shack Clone

ShackBurger... or MilkBurger?

Give credit where it’s due: Not only does A Hamburger Today say that East Harlem’s Milk Burger seems very similar to Danny Meyer’s Shake Shack (down to the menu layout — and the fact that Milk runs a photo of a Shackburger on its homepage), but they also took a trip up to Milk Burger to see how it compares to the Shack. The verdict? Shake Shack’s burgers are voted the superior product (obviously), but it’s a much closer call than you might think. AHT’s J. Kenji Lopez-Alt even says Milk Burger’s MilkSauce is "actually really good," and that he can’t decide whether he likes it more or less than ShackSauce. Also: Milk Burger’s fries are deemed better than the crinkle-cut ones at Shack. As you might expect, a rep for Shake Shack tells us they have no comment on the similarities. [AHT/Serious Eats]