Summer Interns Hit the Farm

Photo: Courtesy Brooklyn Grange

Where have all the interns gone? Why, they’re off on the farm, according to the Daily News. Over in Long Island City, Brooklyn Grange has fifteen summer interns, most of them college students, which is up from just two last year. While once working on a farm was a fringe pursuit enjoyed by patchouli-splashed sorts and those known as WWOOFers, it’s become not only hip to toil in the dirt, but also an acceptable means to “professional development,” at least according to one farm coordinator quoted here. And farm internships might even be a viable lead-up to a career: If locavorism doesn’t prove a flash-in-the-pan fad, it seems likely there will be lots of opportunities for those wanting to pursue agriculture as an occupation. As the News reports, Ben Flanner started Brooklyn Grange last year and makes that his full-time job, and 22-year-old Tess Brown-Lavole launched her own farm in Rhode Island after interning there. Plus, if that Time article from yesterday can be believed, it might be possible to make more money farming than banking! [NYDN]