Still Waiting on Mohawk Bend?

Mohawk Bend
Mohawk Bend Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

Today the blogosphere is abuzz with expectations for Golden Road Brewery, the forthcoming Northeast L.A. collaboration between owner Meg Gillis, brewmaster general Jon Carpenter, and Tony’s Darts Away owner Tony Yanow that will find both a brewery and restaurant coming to San Fernando Road in October. But what about Yanow’s new Mohawk Bend?

The Eastsider L.A. and Facebook fans are expressing disappointment that the restaurant still hasn’t opened, despite half the world announcing an opening last Monday. According to a Twitter message Mohawk Bend left on Sunday: “Contrary to published reports and rumors not started by us, Mohawk Bend will NOT be opening tomorrow. We are still days from being ready.” [The Eastsider]