So, Which Restaurants Have the Best … Doors?

Is it the French Laundry's iconic blue door?
Is it the French Laundry's iconic blue door? Photo: The French Laundry

We guess we’ve thought about restaurant doors and entrances before, and even been impressed by them. But we’ve never really thought about them, you know? Well designer David Rockwell sure has, and he’s got a whole list of his favorites up on the Atlantic. (We promise: It’s more interesting than it might sound at first.) We’d definitely add Alinea’s spacey, extended hallway to this list, and Grub’s SF editor assures us that the sort-of-Japanese courtyard area leading to Benu in San Francisco is quite nice indeed. Any others that come to mind? Let us know in the comments! [Atlantic via S. Irene Virbila/Twitter]