Smear Job: Neighbor Claims Bubby’s Tribeca Is Stinking Up the Hood

Not pictured: Bubby's wafting cloud of garbage stench.
Not pictured: Bubby's wafting cloud of garbage stench. Photo: Justin Beck

A few weeks back, mice, flies, and other disgustingness were behind the Department of Health shutdown of Bubby’s Dumbo location, and now, in Tribeca, the comfort-food specialist has angered neighbors with its smell. One resident, who cited a “slaughterhouse” stench that she attributed to Bubby’s “smear[ing] … stuff all over the sidewalk” while clearing its trash, printed up signs demanding that the problem be fixed. Bubby’s owner Ron Silver blamed the odor on the garbage truck, which he claims “leaks liquid out into the street when it compresses our garbage.” Ew. And this isn’t Bubby’s Tribeca’s first run-in with unsanitary conditions: Back in 2007, the DOH closed that location thanks to a “biblical swarm of roaches.” So there we’ve gone and spoiled your breakfast. If you don’t mind having lunch ruined, too, check out this Chow story from a few days ago comparing Subway’s distinctive odor to “smelly feet.” [Tribeca Citizen via Gothamist, Earlier]