Mysterious Sandwich Seller Sharon Is Karen Added to Rockaway Beach Lineup

Photo: Courtesy Sharon is Karen

Toward the end of a colorful new Nona Brooklyn photo essay on the Rockaway Beach dining scene are a few snaps of enigmatic newcomer Sharon is Karen, purveyor of open-faced pickle sandwiches for $5 each. Flavors include anchovy with tomatillo chutney; also, watermelon, prosciutto, and cucumber. Here’s what we could glean: Designer Isaac Friedman-Heiman runs the project, pushes the cart, and seems to operate under the auspices of one of the boardwalk’s new concessionaires. Friedman-Heiman also sells tote bags screen printed with the Zen-like, line-drawn image of an empty jar. And the name? Well, there the mystery only deepens and the trail goes cold, because Sharon is Karen’s Tumblr asserts “the name says it all,” and implores everyone to “come hang, have a bite and catch some rays for heck sakes.” We’ll be there shortly. [Nona Brooklyn; Sharon is Karen]