See a Trailer for the Upcoming El Bulli Documentary


As you’ve probably heard, El Bulli is set to shutter at the end of this month. With food writers and their IAAEBP’s nearly tapped out, it’s only natural that film should take over as the medium of eulogy. The Feast got its hands on a trailer for the upcoming El Bulli: Cooking in Progress, and it’s just as hushed and reverential as you might expect. Check that out, or if you want the Cliff’s Notes, just read the site’s handy guide to things you didn’t know about the restaurant, including this: “The staff is constantly documenting its own progress” with cameras. Hmmm, you know how we feel about that. See the video below.

Documentary Sheds New Light on the Super Nerdy Methodology Behind Soon-to-Close El Bulli [Feast NY]