Scenes from This Weekend’s Eat Real Festival

Untreated pure honey made by rescue bees

Among the many free and easy pleasures of this past weekend’s supposed “Carmageddon,” the Eat Real Festival took over Culver City’s Helms Bakery for two days of sustainable eats, products, and cooking demonstrations. The celebration felt like a cross between an exalted farmers market and a country fair, with urban chickens and pigs sleeping away the day in pens we could possibly fit into our apartments and the introduction of hyper-passionate artisan edibles like handmade sauces from The Mustard, the nuts and butter of Fat Uncle Farms, real Hawaiian shaved ice, honey from rescued bees, and the pork belly bacon of Cast Iron Gourmet. Check out some scenes of Sunday’s event, packed with the new obsessions we’re still hungering for more of, in our slideshow look at this weekend’s Eat Real Festival.