Scenes From a Few Meals at Mr. Pollo

Gimenez shows off a peacock mushroom at Mr. Pollo.
Gimenez shows off a peacock mushroom at Mr. Pollo. Photo: Mission Local

Though we are damn tired of the blank-is-the-new-blank construction, we need to use it here anyway: Mr. Pollo is the new Mission Street Food. The tiny pop-up has been garnering long lines and bunches of good press lately (even though Patty U. only really liked the arepas), and given the tiny, charmless environs, the comparison seems apt. Mission Local credits the cult following for chef Manny Torres Gimenez’s food with stories like the time he cooked a whole special tasting menu for an upstairs neighbor, for fifteen dollars, all because she came in saying she had a cold and wanted chicken soup. They admit, though, that it’s become one of those experiences that die-hard but frugal foodies are suffering for — acknowledging that the wait has gotten really long, and once inside, “Mr. Pollo is not fast food.” Click through for their slideshow. [Mission Local]