RUB Is the Latest Restaurant to Head to Long Island

RUB is on fire. Photo: Everett Bogue

Forget the Upper West Side. It seems the new hot spot for restaurant expansions is ... Long Island. That's right, there's Michael Psilakis's hit MP Taverna, in Roslyn; you'll recall that Mara's Homemade is headed to the Island; and now we get word that RUB will open a 5,000-square-foot, 140-seat location in East Meadow next week. This one won't be as immense as the Las Vegas location, but it will be decked out in hyperbolic fashion: Four BBQ pits! Twenty flat screen TVs! Thirty beers on tap! There's a 20-seat bar and 40 outdoor seats as well, and the same menu served at the Chelsea location. And it's just the "first in a series of new branches expected to open around the tri-state area in the next two years." So, get ready for Righteous Suburban Barbecue, we guess.

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