Robert Moses Has a Beer (Named After Him)


The Great South Bay has joined the ranks of other hallowed Long Island places with namesake breweries (Blue Point, Greenport Harbor, Fire Island). Since opening for business last fall, the newish Great South Bay Brewery has rolled out ten beers, the latest of which is dubbed Robert Moses Pale Ale and described as “sessionable,” with two malts and two hops. Alas, for now you’ll likely have to travel to the Nassau County line to try the ale (via one or two of Moses’s infrastructure projects, no doubt), though the brewery’s rep says they’re looking to reach the New York City market in a year. Fourth-generation brewer Rick Sobotka is running a small operation with just a few guys, so in one sense it’s funny he’s created a beer named for the incredibly broad-reaching, neighborhood-razing Moses. And though the pale ale is named for the Robert Moses Causeway and not the power broker directly, it could be cool if Miller adhered to the same formula and started brewing a Jane Jacobs Genuine Draft for national release, preferably just in time for Labor Day.