Red Rooster Got a C, and Some Really Gross Restaurants Are Still Open

Red Rooster: far filthier than it looks.
Red Rooster: far filthier than it looks. Photo: Melissa Hom

Fu Sushi might have flouted the Health Department to continue operating after a poor score, but some other really disgusting eateries are legally allowed to remain open. And one of them is … Red Rooster? Yes, Marcus Samuelsson’s buzzy new restaurant received 31 violation points, which would earn it a C (so don’t be fooled by the “Grade Pending” sign in the window). It seems the newly built spot did not bother to put a hand-washing sink in the prep area or sufficiently protect food from contamination, reports the Daily News. However, this isn’t nearly as vile as what goes on at some places the Post calls out, including 5 Ninth, a veritable magnet for vermin, and catering facility Crystal Manor in Brooklyn, cited for a frightening-sounding “improper use of pesticides.” Good to know … we guess. Honestly, though, does all this make anyone else long for the former blissful, filthy days of health-grade ignorance?

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