Five Arrested in Tammany Hall Riot Hire Lawyer, Stage Rally

Remember this?
Remember this?

Remember that riot outside of the Smif-N-Wessun show at Tammany Hall last week? Well, the five people arrested hired a lawyer, who spoke out at a rally protesting the incident yesterday on the steps of City Hall. According to DNA Info, the attorney, Kenneth Montgomery, plans to pursue a lawsuit against the NYPD over the matter, since victims are claiming police used excessive force. And, in a bizarre twist, it seems the NYPD feared Smif-N-Wessun would make another LES appearance last week: Cole Schaffer, co-owner of beleaguered Clinton Street bar Culturefix, writes in to say that “last week from Wednesday to Sunday, the police showed up at my door every evening ‘to see if Smif-N-Wessun were playing,’” claiming word of a concert at Culturefix had been posted online (Schaffer denies this).

And regarding the bar’s underage-drinking charges, Schaffer tells us their attorney today offered the SLA a settlement of $10,000. “It’s a long shot,” he writes, mentioning that if the offer is successful the bar will probably need to hold a fund-raiser to drum up the money. “This is a huge blow for us.” However, there’s at least one bright spot for bars in the LES vicinity: Eater brings news that Mars Bar will stay open another four to six weeks, rather than closing immediately. Don’t bother trying to ask too many questions over there, though — word is the staff isn’t too receptive to nosy types.

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