PBS Launches ‘Phase 1’ of Dedicated Food Channel

Apparently this is only the beginning ...
Apparently this is only the beginning ... Photo: Courtesy PBS Food

With a quote (“Be a fearless cook!”) and the wise visage of Julia Child as a sort of patron saint/figurehead, PBS has forayed into the food-blogging world. According to the site, “PBS Food will unite cooking shows, blogs and recipes from PBS and local stations across the country.” From the looks of it, the site will not only mix written content and video from the big chef shows (like Martha Stewart’s Everyday Food) with shows now only seen only on regional stations, it will also partner with vast confederacy of food blogs. PBS Food will also, of course, be linked to an online marketplace of books and DVDs. Bloggers Marc Matsumoto and Jenna Weber have been brought on to steer the content ship on to public access glory. [PBS Food via The Food Section/Twitter]