Pastry Chef Shuffles Continue As Kady Yon Takes Job at Public Hotel

Kady Yon Moves On
Kady Yon Moves On Photo: courtesy of Twitter

If you dined out at one of Boka Restaurant Group’s joints this year — and with hits like GT Fish & Oyster and Perennial Virant, it was kind of impossible not to — then you probably tasted the extraordinary desserts by Kady Yon. Her unique creations earned raves from various critics, and we were wondering what she had planned next. Capitalizing on all the good will, she’s keeping the pastry chef game of musical chairs going strong, as Eater reports that Yon has decided to leave to take a job at the upcoming Public Hotel. The project by Ian Schrager also includes the revamped Pump Room, which is set to open on September 12. [Eater]