Park Slope Bar Harry Boland’s Pub Seems Unable to Come Back From Dead

The doors are only open in the photo.
The doors are only open in the photo. Photo: Robert K. Chin

Today the Brooklyn Paper brings us the ballad of now-closed Harry Boland’s Pub in Park Slope. Boland’s beat the tax man in the spring, when a small group of regular customers bailed out the Irish pub. The Health Department stopped by for a visit in May, however, which proved to do the place in. Now it’s dark, the soda machine company wants its CO2 tanks back, and at least one customer is missing owner Brian Flanagan, who is rumored to have returned to his native Ireland. While the Brooklyn Paper can’t turn up any specific bullet that did in Harry Boland’s the bar, it should be noted that the actual lead bullet that killed the real Harry Boland (the bar’s namesake, who was killed 89 years ago this weekend) was auctioned earlier this month for about $4,277 in Ireland. [Brooklyn Paper]