Now There’s a New Eating Disorder to Worry About: Liarexia

Is this body built of lies?

Hardly a profile of a female celebrity gets penned these days that doesn’t extol its subject’s hearty appetite, and a story in the Daily Mail has a possible explanation why: People like Gwyneth Paltrow and Cameron Diaz are lying about how much they eat! Dubbed "liarexics" by the paper, these insidious ladies (famous and not) order up while they’re out in public, then eat soup at home. As one psychologist the paper consulted explains, "it’s about wanting to be slim without appearing to try." Or maybe people just like to splurge when they’re out to dinner? Regardless, it’s funny that dieting’s coolness is extremely faddish (remember how hip the Zone was not long ago), while the ideal body hasn’t changed in several decades. Here at Grub Street, we’re just happy to have people chowing down, though this kind of thing is a little much. [Daily Mail UK]