More Dippin-aise, Please!

Only the best food is served in giant stadiums.
Only the best food is served in giant stadiums.Photo: Melissa Hom

Sports columnist David Roth set out to take an accurate pulse of baseball stadium concession food for an eventual book project that has now grown out of control, he says, and “has basically ruined my life and made it impossible for me to have normal relationships.” One delight Roth would like you to seek out is Auntie Anne’s vendor Charlie F. at Yankee Stadium, “who weeps silently throughout the game and applies massive gouts of Hunt’s ketchup to your Big City PretzelDog without asking if you want it or not.” At $16.25, he writes, its outermost layer is something akin to “a heavily salted summer camp mattress.” Other highlights include a Masa omakase, a “cheese tank,” and “Dippin-aise.” [Awl]