Second Printing of Modernist Cuisine On Its Way

Now everyone can buy it!
Now everyone can buy it! Photo: Courtesy Modernist Cuisine

Preorders of Modernist Cuisine were already strong when Amazon started selling the book back in March. The demand for Nathan Myhrvold’s incredibly exhaustive (shipping weight: 52.2 pounds) collection of recipes and new cooking techniques was so great that about 2,000 people who’d just paid $450 each were told they’d have to wait until July to get their copies. But, ahoy matey: The second edition (with corrections!) is now just reaching our shores. There are “1,000 + copies sail­ing weekly from our printer in China,” per the Modernist Cusine blog. So all those waiting patiently won’t have to just make due with grilling tips from one of the book’s authors. Hopefully, future shipments will not be affected by another surge of young cooks, reclusive epicurean hoarders, or classicist food pirates.

Second Printing Has Begun to Arrive [Modernist Cuisine]
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