Milk Burger Website Back Up, Only Slightly Less Shake Shack–y Than Before

Even we can't tell which one this is anymore.

Looks like Milk Burger, that ersatz Shake Shack clone up in Harlem, relaunched its website. Gone, sort of, is the Serious Eats photo of an actual ShackBurger that once adorned the restaurant’s landing page. We say "sort of" because if you point your browser to, you’ll see the new image. But if you direct your browser to (no "www"), you’ll still see the good ol’ ShackBurger you’ve come to know and love. But no matter which version of the site you visit, you’ll find the same Shack-like menu first revealed to the world the other day. Side note: A peripheral glance at the Shack Cam reveals that the hellish temperatures outside are keeping people away from the Madison Square Park location, for anyone who might be interested in braving the heat for a real ShackBurger. (And it looks like Milk Burger doesn’t have a Milk Cam up and running just yet.) [Official site]

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