Menino to Food Trucks: Get Healthy!

Spare tires are for trucks, not customers.
Spare tires are for trucks, not customers. Photo: Dan4th/Flickr

Not long ago we told you all about how Mayor Menino (who celebrates his 18th mayoral anniversary today) really hates soda and doesn’t want city workers to succumb to its sinister charms. Next on his list: healthier food trucks!

As the Globe notes, Boston’s food truck launches tomorrow at 15 permanent sites (see a map here). However: Thanks to Menino’s Healthy Food Initiative, “each truck must offer a healthy menu option to participate.” We’re all in favor of healthy eating, but we’re also kind of wondering how cupcake trucks and such are going to get around that one. Mmm, tofu frosting!

Food Trucks to Offer Healthy Options [Globe]

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