LudoBites Swears OpenTable Can Take It Today

From Ludo with love
From Ludo with love

Here’s your inevitable reminder that reservations for LudoBites 7.0 go live today at 4:00 P.M. on OpenTable. This phase of the semi-regular pop-up has become something of a spectator sport. In addition to the mad rush for reservations, all eyes are once again on Open Table to see if its system can take the demand without going all wonky, as it has twice in the past.

The pop-up claims, “We have worked hard with Opentable over the past six months to ensure that the reservation process is as smooth as possible” and to that end has this new system in place (as seen above) that shows dates when space is actually available, rather than have everyone go all willy-nilly looking for whatever they can get. The madness starts at 4:00 P.M. with reservations officially available right here.

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