Lady Gaga Debuts New Look at Chateau Marmont; Oprah Lunches with Maria Shriver at Spago

Aw, why does she always have to wear the same dress as us?
Aw, why does she always have to wear the same dress as us? Photo: Jazmin Million via Flickr

Having hung up her meat dress, Lady Gaga came to town this week, showing off her latest incarnation at Chateau Marmont and looking just a little like Christina Aguilera (minus about a dozen drinks). Meanwhile, Leonardo DiCaprio brought his pasta posse to Fig & Olive, quite a change from the dinner he enjoyed at Pink Taco with a date a few days later. Tobey Maguire looks like a responsible dad, feeding his son at Real Food Daily and not with some new and improved McGarbage. Kendra Wilkinson was bouncing about at Mastro’s in basketball shorts, flaunting her own interpretation of “Scruffy Chic.” And even Her Royal Majesty Oprah Winfrey came to town, lunching with Maria Shriver at Spago and probably comparing the pizza to Mollie Ahlstrand’s. For more in local celebrity dining, see below.

Casa Vega: This restaurant must have a hotline for People and TMZ or something. This week, Harry Potter star Emma Watson was in the house. [People]

Chateau Marmont: Lady Gaga was rocking the “Christina Aguilera” look on her way out. [Contact Music]

Cheebo: At least Shia Lebeouf has better taste in girls than he does in food. [Just Jared]

Eveleigh: Ashley Greene went to a party for Ella Moss at the restaurant. [Celebrity Gossip]

Fig & Olive: Leo and a group of slightly less famous male stars had dinner together. [People]

Giggles ‘N Hugs: Halle Berry took her daughter for an ice cream cone. [Daily Mail UK]

Mastro’s: Kendra Wilkinson ate dinner in basketball shorts. Oh what? You mean she’s no longer a model of sophistication? [Contact Music]

Pink Taco: Leonardo DiCaprio took his girl on a romantic date to Century City’s muy naco Mexican restaurant. [Starlounge]

Real Food Daily: Tobey Magurie escorted his family to lunch. [Celebrity Baby Scoop]

RockSugar Pan Asian Kitchen: Chris Colfer and Ashley Fink , two of the kids from Glee stopped in for lunch…and probably sang their order. Even cooler, Betty White and Debbie Reynolds ate together the day before! [People]

Spago: Oprah to the rescue! The Montecito mega-star was in town and had lunch with Maria Shriver. [People]

Starbucks: Renee Zellweger might actually drink more coffee than we do. [People]

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