Kerfuffle at 1015 Clay in Oakland, But Restaurant Lives On


News came out via the Chowhound boards the other day that Chop Bar partner Jesse Branstetter had taken his leave of the new, still temporarily named eatery 1015 Clay in Old Oakland. Branstetter, who appears to have control over the business’s website, posted a single paragraph saying that his “name, food, concept, and reputation are no longer associated with this address. Grub Street contacted the restaurant, which remains open, and they admitted that yes there had been “an incident” and they were now working on building a new website. The lunch and happy hour menus remain pretty much what they were (sandwiches, bratwurst, ribs), and they’re still hoping to open for dinner soon. Branstetter later went on Facebook to complain, “There is a reason why this [spot] has been 4 different concepts in 3 years. It all starts at the top. Time to walk away before I’m in too deep.” He promises to be opening his own thing at another location in the future. [CHOW]