It Isn’t Just Pennsylvania Restaurants That Ban Kids

Better turn the music up louder!
Better turn the music up louder!Photo: iStockphoto

You probably read that the vast majority of people are applauding the Pittsburgh-area restaurant that decided to ban kids under 6 from its dining room. But it’s hardly the only place to adopt the practice. In fact, there are some restaurants doing similar things right here in New York City. According to the Daily News, Jean Georges forbids kids under 10 from eating in the main dining room (though they can whine and cry all the want in the more casual Nougatine); the Place asks customers to call ahead if they’re going to bring kids; and Grimaldi’s will allow kids, of course, but not strollers. And yet! As anyone who’s watched the aforesaid strollers pile up behind Franny’s during dinner service can attest, it’s not exactly difficult to find restaurants that are ready and willing to accommodate youngsters. [NYDN, Related]