If An Impending Financial Crisis Won’t Move You, Maybe Free Fries Will?

Yes We Can!
Yes We Can! Photo: The Counter

Frustrated by the stagnant proceedings of our country’s debt talks, The Counter is getting all political on us. That’s right, your neighbors won’t take it to the streets, but a burger chain could lead us there. How very American! The Counter is asking all of its customers to contact their government reps over email, Twitter, Skype, Facebook, and HAM radio to demand that, in The Counter’s words, they “figure things out” before the August 2nd deadline. What’s the pay-off for you (besides keeping the country from slipping into Second World status)?

If an agreement is made by the deadline, John Boehner will cry free regular or sweet potato fries will be made available for all on August 19th at the restaurants’ locations. Naturally, the chain is shying away from picking a side or laying blame (like condemning those evil saboteurs of The Republican Party) and will busy themselves trying to bring burgers to Congress as a reward for those kooks.

So yeah, that might be kind of a cop-out that avoids the real meat of the issue, making this all look like a marketing scheme more than an impassioned plea for national sanity. Still, we thought you’d dig this french fry-centric Shepard Fairey knock-off.