How About Some ‘Meaty,’ ‘Masculine’ Coffee, Dude?


If you just don’t want to drink a fruity coffee anymore now that you’re accustomed to manly cold-brew growlers, La Colombe’s latest rollout, Pure Black, promises to be the veritable beef jerky of brews, both “smoky” and “meaty.” Over on the Feast, owner Todd Carmichael describes the obsessive process he went through to reach the final “masculine” flavor of the coffee: “We used the cuisine and liquor of the South when we were brainstorming a flavor profile,” he explains; “intense” Corsica beans are steeped for eighteen hours to give the brew rich flavor (including bourbon notes, claims Carmichael). Something certainly seems to be working. Though the brew is only available in Philly at the moment, Carmichael attests that he’s had caffeine junkies from as far as New York and Connecticut driving in to buy the bottles (not traditional growlers, but close), which cost $4.50 apiece and are made at the rate of 100 cases a day. Beginning August 8, Pure Black will be sold at La Colombe stores in New York, Chicago, L.A., Las Vegas, and San Fran, so if you’re suffering from the caffeine shakes, try to hold out till then.

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A Closer Look at La Colombe’s Just-Launched Cold-Brewed Pure Black Coffee [The Feast]