Hooter’s Hits Downtown on Monday

Four people who actually fit Hooter's quite well
Four people who actually fit Hooter's quite well Photo: Flippunkrocker via Flickr

Hooters hasn’t even opened up in Downtown yet, but it has already managed to make us want to hurl today. This new beach-themed location of The U.S.A.’s beloved breastaurant opens Saturday to athletes and celebrities (we’re not exactly expecting Helen Mirren) and will debut to the public this Monday at 11:00 A.M. Here you’ll find a giveaway of free chicken wings for a year going to the first 100 people, an estimated 100,000 free chicken wings! Yeah, we’re pretty sure that equals less than three measly wings per person, per day, but the thought of subsisting on Hooter’s wings for a full year is not a happy one to begin with. Still, if you really must, you can start lining up or sleeping on the pavement (or whatever people who go to fast food ribbon cuttings do) for Monday’s grand-opening at 1248 S. Figueroa St. Downtown. [Hooters Facebook]